Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catching ‘em young – The YouTube Mantra

4 minutes, 17 million views and more than 75,000 comments from over 130 countries! Ever wondered the power of viral trend? Indeed it’s the time and age when talent recognition is just a click away.

If you are still thinking what am I talking about - It’s the famous Kolaveri Di song by Anorudh Ravichandran who is none other than son-in-law of Latha Rajanikanth, wife of Super Star Rajanikanth. At the age of 21, he achieved the fame and the fan following which isn’t in store for anyone and everyone. It took him 30 minutes to record the absolutely amazing song and it took just a click to make him eminent! The time has gone when people used to go for auditions, stand in queues for hours and wait to get selected as a contestant in talent shows.

Interestingly enough, YouTube has been a smart one in the online media space to tap the young market and encourage them to show their talent to the world. Recently, I came to know that YouTube is giving partnerships to those who are doing excellent work online. Getting a partnership from one of the biggest video-sharing website is surely a huge recognition. Not everyone is lucky to be picked up by YouTube! You really got to show some talent to get there and woo the audience and get them to subscribe to your videos.

YouTube is selecting creative people across the globe and paying them on a per click basis. They would display adverts in the videos and more the number of hits one gets for a particular video, the more money one can fetch from YouTube reserve. This is a great example of how online media is tapping the talented pool of people from all across the world.

On one hand, YouTube is able to generate a vast amount of traffic to their site and at the same time netizens are encouraged to show their talent across the horizon. Technology is taking over our lives and for the good of course. The shift to the online planet is surely very well visible to everyone by now and people understand how important it is to be visible online and showcase the good work.

My 2c worth!

Below are some great videos by two Youngsters! Have a wonderful time watching …


  1. hey Ankita...great work...and a great blog...thanku so much for all dis...i would really like to xpress my gratitude towards all dis...thanx a ton again and all the best for your blog... :) take care... :)

  2. Hey Tarun! No worries; you guys got talent and I'm just writing about it! :) Keep up the good work :)