Friday, December 11, 2015

The Power of Community Building & How it can Benefit your Business

A community is real or virtual place where everyone with similar thoughts come together to discuss about a subject they are passionate about. Communities share their ideas, experiences and learn from each other on an on-going basis. An online community is a group of people with similar goals, interests, passion to connect & exchange information digitally. Thanks to social media that communities aren't restricted geographically anymore but are now global!
Build community with a purpose
Community building starts by understanding the needs and wants of your community. Who, why, what? Take time to understand who you will connect with & who is connecting with you already AND why you are building a community. 
Find that common thread of interest & bring them on a platform that lets them contribute to it effectively! Once you really know who your community is, you can begin to think about how you can benefit one another.
Importance of community building for your business 
Every business needs a community. Advocacy is key purpose for marketers; one of the most potent long term goals attained via community building! 
Those who regularly interact with a brand are the ones who share and spread content, recommend your brand and are repeat customers. When you invest in your community, you invest in the future and are ready to build a better business together.
Powerful community have positive impact on your business
Brands + communities have the power to bring change together and make positive ripples in this world together! It is the first defensible asset if something goes wrong. A powerful community will ALWAYS stand by you. 
Communities definitely impact your bottom line with word or mouth. Give them something to love you for, make it positive!
It spreads your word around, protects you when you're facing crisis, becomes a sources of ideas and content.
So start building your community today if you haven't yet! 
Note: This topic was discussed during the #SocialPowWow Twitter chat and the full transcript can be read here:  

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