Saturday, September 22, 2012

Startup Weekend – 3 days of full action!

It’s rather fascinating to be at the Startup Weekend event. This weekend kickstarted with meeting loads of  new people with some crazy and fun ideas….and I’m surely hooked on to this weekend to see who the top 3 winners are going to be!

My first ever experience at this event has been too good to be true and I’m only looking forward to more of such events. The event has people from across the country and even some expats who pitched in their ideas, shared their vision and built teams to execute their ideas.

While I have come across a lot of wannapreneurs who have some amazing ideas, but they fail to execute the same due to lack of teams or peer pressure! Sitting here today, I feel that Startup Weekend community has given a platform to these wannapreneurs to share and express their vision and help them achieve their goals and entrepreneurial dream! 54 hours and you get to launch a startup…

There should be a sigh of relief for the ‘to-be-entrepreneurs’ in our country as Startup Weekend can provide all the support and mentoring one would need. All you need is a vision, mission and a great idea! And believe you me; there are some really cool ideas that will fascinate you…

I came across few amazing ideas that were pitched last night and today the mentors kicked in with a lot of enthusiasm to help these teams build more on the ideas and guide them through the lanes of entrepreneurship.

Ideas from creating an app to kick out corruption from this country, an app to book an auto to having an app to check out which hairstyle suits you best, I was amazed and thrilled to listen to the crazy fun pitches last night.

It’s also fascinating to see the team spirit in each of the participants and it just makes me reiterate the fact that a team can pull together and execute an idea into a successful business! A great idea needs a great team for execution and making the business successful…now it’s just wait and watch till tomorrow for the great teams and their ideas to be presented.

I’m very enthusiastic to see which 3 ideas will be liked by the judges….are you?

Keep tuned in this weekend @swinindia & #swdel

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