Friday, March 20, 2015

Do you want to #SizzletoBarcelona?

This blog is perhaps my first ever post on "FOOD!!" I'm sure people who know me well will be
surprised to read this post, since I'm not much of a foodie. However, I love to TRAVEL!

Are you guys confused if I'm writing about food or travel? Well, Hard Rock Cafe (HRC; @HRCIndia) gave me some food for!

In an interestingly executed social media contest, HRC invited people to try out their 'Sizzlers', a new addition to their food menu and asked people to spread the word on social media. All they wanted was to widen their reach and drive engagement on social platforms about their 'Sizzlers.'

What better than running a cool contest and giving a chance to people to #SizzletoBarcelona for the Hard Rock music festival 2015!!

The contest caught my eye when THIS happened - a Rolling Stone T-shirt by @Edelman_India to which HRC struck a conversation with me and I knew that I just couldn't miss the chance to check out their new menu.

It's interesting how various brands are trying to make 'that' connect with their consumers and the way HRC responded to my Tweet, is a great example of building a long lasting relationship with the end consumer.

Finally I visited HRC and tried out their delicious chicken ice cold cocktail and some Nachos! Great value for money, nice ambiance, the crowd was amazing, the service was superb and it was indeed a perfect way to welcome the weekend.

So, sizzle this weekend with the amazing Sizzlers at HRC and perhaps get a chance to #SizzletoBarcelona!

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