Sunday, December 28, 2014

Journey from being Innocent to carrying a Baggage

Recently I attended my niece’s birthday party. She turned 2 this year and I was super excited to be a part of the celebration! Well, it was after many many years I got to attend a kids party and hence the excitement.

Most of you might be thinking if she celebrated her 1st birthday or if I forgot to attend the party? Err, she wasn't in the country then so technically her 1st birthday in India.

It was during the party I realized how innocent kids happy they are around people...there is no tension of the world in their mind...they don’t carry ANY BAGGAGE.

As we grow old, we start losing that innocence we had when we were kids. We think we know it all and do things as per our whims and fancies. There is no one to stop us. In our head, we are our own boss and we do things OUR way.

However, this cute lil birthday celebration made me go back the memory lane and helped me realize how far we have come - from being a kid to an adult, it sure has been a roller-coaster ride!

It was fascinating to compare the feelings and emotions of a kid to that of an adult in the party. For kids, a birthday celebration is a “big” thing. Gifts, cakes, flowers, people...everything gets them excited and happy. While the role of an adult is to ensure to make it a  memorable day for the kid to cherish all his/her life!

As an adult, we carry our own baggage. Always surrounded with tension about work, family, friends,
people etc. etc. But after watching these kids with innocence, smile and happiness, it just felt that life isn't “that” bad. While getting rid of the baggage is not an option, being happy while carrying it can make life painless and joyous.

Now that this year is coming to an end, let’s get back our innocence, gear up for the new year and spread happiness around.

It's time to cherish those memorable moments, the journey we call life and the people around us who made this journey even more beautiful.   

So, here’s wishing all my readers, well-wishers and of course my family, a very happy and blessed 2015! 

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