Thursday, August 11, 2016

Visual Content Marketing

Researchers say humans have lesser attention span than goldfish! The average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to eight seconds and goldfish are believed to have an attention span of nine seconds!

Given the short attention span that humans have, lengthy explanations are indeed less effective. Hence, the need for crisp and engaging content which the audience can consume, retain and remember. Visuals play a big role in engaging the audience and use of effective visuals can boost engagement and spark up social media conversations.

"Visuals attract like a magnet. There's no better way to reach people than through images and emotion." - @KDHungerford

Such content can be effective in any format, whether it is an image, infographic or a video. We must know the context and our audience well enough to understand what they would like to see.

According to @KDHungerford, we must think like a community - the most effective content is the one that your community craves for!

Effective content is like good food. It brings people around the table

And sometimes, it's not just about creating effective content but taking an opportunity of the conversations already happening around us...

An interesting example of this is the recent Facebook Live video of a mom (Candace Payne) laughing joyously about a Chewbacca mask she purchased at Kohl’s which went viral and is one of the most viewed Facebook Live video of all times.

Kohl's addressed the video on its social media pages by posting a GIF of Payne’s video on Twitter and sharing it on the Kohl’s Facebook page. Further, Kohl’s posted a picture of Payne with Star Wars products it gave to her family after she posted the video. The picture was liked more than 200,000 times on Facebook and shared nearly 70,000 times! That's not it, to keep the conversation going, Kohl's even posted a video of Payne and her family receiving gift cards and reward points. The video has been liked nearly 700,000 times on Facebook and viewed more than 30 million times. On Twitter, the video has been retweeted more than 2,000 times and liked roughly 3,500 times. This is a perfect example of how a brand seized the opportunity of the content already out there!

"Put your community at heart of your content because that's the content that will win big." - @cmtyworks

If you are not yet focusing on visual content in your marketing strategy, it’s time to re-think your strategy.

I'd love to know how effective visual content marketing has been for your brand or business?