Saturday, August 9, 2014

That feeling called Love

Do you know what that one definition of love is? Even the Oxford dictionary doesn’t have just one meaning of love. Phew! So how must I figure out what love is? No, Google doesn’t help either!!!

I always found love confusing and in the ardour to understand what love is, I decided to speak to few folks around me and perhaps should share what it means to them. Here it goes!

·         Romantic euphoria
·         Self-destruction
·         Lust
·         Commitment
·         Combination of butterflies & comfort zone
·         Physical & emotional closeness
·         Complete understanding
·         Growing old with your partner

After understanding the psyche of people in their mid-20’s, I realised that everyone defined love basis the relationships they have had and the experiences they have gone through while dating someone. However, did you ever wonder that love could be beyond the romantic context?

Interestingly, the first thought about love was associated with being romantically involved with their partner. I wonder why that happens but it’s fascinating to see how we end up thinking alike at a certain age about an expression and feeling as pure as love.

While as a kid, one might have a completely different perspective on love; it’s certain that as we age, it dawns on us that love is abstract and it is extant in small actions we perform every day.

Love beyond the romantic context
Sitting with your friend on the swing and discussing life, cuddling with your pet, hugging your mom before going off to sleep, sharing your deepest secrets with someone, playing with your kid or chasing your passion are all various forms of expressing and experiencing love.

…and some of my friends quoted love very beautifully

“Love is allowing yourself - and those you care about - room to grow and soar. It is finding your joy, and living it, every day. It is taking care of yourself, because only then can you take care of those you love. Love is being the best "you" you can be... every day.”

“When I listen to the radio or see people describe "love" in the movies, it reminds me of the blissful
superficiality of the beginning of a relationship. I don't experience that brand of love anymore. My wife and I have been together for ten years and have two kids, and the exhilaration and newness that we once experienced has been replaced by familiarity and extraordinary responsibility. For love to exist and endure, the people closest to you find a way to empathize with, forgive and embrace your imperfection constantly. As unromantic as some aspects of an enduring love are, it feels far more gratifying for me to be loved in this way. That said, I have the most exceptional wife in the world so my worldview could be completely skewed by her brilliance. ;)” – Jim Dougherty 

“Someone once told me that love is a verb instead of a noun. That has always stuck with me. You have to actively love. You don't get to buy it from the store or keep it in the closet to use at your convenience.” – Daniel Cohen

"Love is putting yourself in your partner’s shoes and understanding what bond most comforts them, inversely accepting the person they are, because if you try to change them as per your likes then you'd be loving yourself and not them" – Anish Quenim

All of these different kinds of love and relationships have similar meaning but have a little something different to be unique.

According to many philosophers, the only aim of life is to be happy. And there is only one happiness in life; to love and be loved. But no one defines who should be the object of our affection. As long as there is love in our lives, there is fulfilment.

Love is essentially an abstract concept, much easier to experience than to explain. What do you think? 


  1. Love is the most common, yet the most rarest feeling. The fact which makes it rare is that we can't possess it. We can just feel it, and make others to feel it. This feeling is certainly very close to us, in our memories we feel it in our own way and that makes the life more beautiful. Let it be the unconditional care of a mother, the charm in our pet's eyes when we come home, the goodbyes of lovers, the kisses of couples or the innocence of kids... Love is everywhere around us... We just need to be more humane to experience it every day, every hour and every second. :)

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Prince and hope you have been reading the other posts too. Cheers!